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Learn more about how the latest developments with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) might affect you and your loved ones' mental health.
Young and old man having a discussion.
How to Talk to a COVID Denier
blurry photo of a sad woman sitting on her bed
COVID-19's Impact on Neurological Function and Mental Health
Woman wearing a surgical mask outdoors
Staying Safe (and Sane) While Waiting for a COVID-19 Vaccine
woman playing guitar
How a State of Flow Can Aid Your COVID Well-Being
A woman jogs next to a man on a bike in a lush green park.
Nature Can Improve Mental Health During the Pandemic, Study Finds
Backview of solitary very old man watching TV
Your Source of News Can Determine Your Response to COVID-19
A woman teaches an online class. She holds a clipboard up facing her laptop, which is open on the desk in front of her. There are papers on the wall behind her and a tripod smartphone stand on her desk with books.
How Teachers Are Coping With the New Realities of the COVID-19 Classroom
Loving queer couple sits on couch together
Intimacy and Closeness Key to Strong Relationships During COVID-19
Person experiencing homelessness sitting on a sidewalk with a red blanket over their legs. They are holding a cup and covering their face with their hand.
Homelessness During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What to Know
Man getting a COVID test
Why Some People Are Shaming Others for Getting COVID-19
Older woman wearing mask stands alone
Isolation Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure, Especially For Women
big five personality traits
How the Big Five Personality Traits Predicted COVID Shelter-in-Place Compliance
woman working looking stressed
COVID Stress Is Stifling Employee Engagement, New Study Suggests
A man with insomnia looks at the clock at dawn from the bed with concern
On Top of Daily Stress, COVID-19 Is Making Our Dreams Worse Too
It's normal to be a little fear of quarantine ending.
Dealing With Fears of Social Interactions During the Pandemic
A young white child looks sad while lying in a chair covered in a blanket.
Childhood Loneliness Can Have Long-Term Mental Health Implications
What Is the McGurk Effect? How COVID-19 Masks Impact Communication
How to Deal With the Guilt You Feel During the COVID-19 Pandemic
man sitting looking sad
CDC Says 40% of Adults Struggle With Mental Health During COVID
time passes strangely during covid-19
Perception of Time Has Shifted During COVID-19, New Survey Reports
Video chat
COVID-19 Is Changing the Way we Communicate—Here’s How
covid-19 sleep illustration
More Sleep During Pandemic Doesn’t Mean Better Rest, New Studies Show
two gay men walking with masks on
LGBTQ+ Community Faces Unique COVID-19 Challenges
Woman working while sitting with daughter at table in house
For Some, Alone Time Is Hard to Come By During COVID-19
Fenway Park at night
Can the Return of Pro Sports Help Your Mental Health?
Young Woman With Face Mask Talking On The Phone
Peer Pressure Looms As States Loosen COVID-19 Restrictions
Therapy session
How COVID-19 May Be Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues in America
How Reopening the Country Might Be Affecting Your Mental Health
Dad putting a mask on his son
How Mask Shaming Is Becoming a Public Battle
COVID-19 and PTSD.
Why Individuals With COVID-19 May Be at Risk for PTSD
Woman alone wearing a face mask
Collective Trauma From COVID-19
Cabin fever
How to Cope With Quarantine Fatigue
woman working at grocery store wearing protective mask
Essential Workers Mental Health
person sitting on bed looking distressed
Why COVID-19 May Be Increasing the Risk of Suicide
Quarantine isolation because of Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting woman's mental health.
The Impact Coronavirus Is Having on Our Mental Health
woman laughing during zoom call
How Humor Can Ease COVID-19 Anxiety
The importance of keeping a routine in stressful times
The Importance of Keeping a Routine During Stressful Times
man looking upset searching for a job on the computer
How to Deal With the Stress of Being Jobless During Coronavirus
illustration of person doing online therapy
Addiction During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Pensive man staring out window with arm around woman
How Different Generations Are Responding to COVID-19
Female volunteer bringing groceries to a senior woman at home under quarantine because of coronavirus.
10 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Crisis
Parents and children all working from home because of coronavirus
10 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working From Home
Woman with tea looking at her phone
Tips for Coping With Coronavirus If You Live Alone
Is watching the news bad for mental health
Is Watching the News Bad for Mental Health?
Sad Young Asian Woman Sitting and Looking Down
How Domestic Violence Victims Can Stay Safe During the Pandemic
senior couple holding hands
How to Keep the Romance Alive Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic
Are You Using Food to Cope With the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Lady waving at a computer on a video call
How to Date Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Man sitting at the table looking stressed
How to Manage OCD During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Woman wearing a face mask looking out window
Understanding Grief in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Starting a new relationships during coronavirus
Starting a New Relationship in the Time of Coronavirus
Support for mental health covid
Support for Mental Health and Addiction Issues During COVID-19
how our team
How Our Team Is Taking Care of Our Mental Health Right Now
How to Practice empathy during coronavirus
How to Practice Empathy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Man texting family on his phone
How to Encourage Your Loved Ones to Engage in Social Distancing
A lot of people are experiencing financial distress right now.
How to Manage Financial Anxiety During Coronavirus
eating disorders during covid
Eating Disorders During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Social distancing
The Do's and Don'ts of Social Distancing
Verywell editorial team response to coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 and Your Mental Health: A Word From Verywell Mind
Working from home can affect your mental health.
How to Stay Mentally Healthy During Coronavirus